Violins for Douglass 2015 Event: More Young Violinists Participate

violins for douglass program organized by FDMHA

Young violinists performing at the 2015 Violins for Douglass Program organized and sponsored by the Frederick Douglass Memorial and Historical Association (FDMHA)

The 2015 Violins for Douglass program was attended by more children than the previous year’s event. Other attendees included music lovers, educators, students and the general public. The event took place October 11, 2015, at the THEARC in The Washington Ballet venue, Washington, D.C. See photos below.

Over a dozen attendees (mostly children) participated in violin rehearsals and coaching provided by Eboni Strings prior to the main event. Following the coaching and rehearsals, the young violinists then entertained the audience with a musical presentation at the main event.

Attendees were also treated to musical presentations by Eboni Strings and a joint presentation by Eboni Strings violinists and H. Kevin Gillis, Conductor. Mr. Gills also gave impromptu lessons to children and adults that visited the Petting Zoo. See photos below.

As was the case last year, FDMHA awarded need based scholarships. The number of scholarship recipients this year increased to three – one more scholarship than last year.

Event Highlights

Violins Petting Zoo

This popular attraction at the 2014 event was even more popular this year as more children (and adults) participated in the Petting Zoo. See photos below.


Check out the photos and videos of the on-stage rehearsals and musical presentation by young violinists and seasoned artists.

Special Recognition and Awards

The following people and groups received special recognition:

Ottley Music School

H. Kevin Gillis, Conductor

Eboni Strings

Scholarship winners

See photos below.

Commendations from Attendees

Following the event, many of the attendees sent written commendations and Thank You notes to FDMHA for organizing and sponsoring the event. Click here to see some of the commendations.

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