History and Purpose

The Frederick Douglass Memorial and Historical Association, was enacted on June 6, 1900 by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States in Congress assembled when Helen Douglass, William H. H. Hart, Francis Grimke, Mary Wright Sewall, Edward A. Clarke, their Associates and Successors were declared a body politic and Corporate in the District of Columbia, with perpetual succession. (31 Stat 6621900).

FDMHA was organized to:

  • To preserve to posterity the memory of the life and (character) legacy of Frederick Douglass.
  • To collect, collate and preserve an historical record of the inception, progress and culmination of the anti-slavery movement in the United States and to assemble in the homestead of Frederick Douglass, Cedar Hill, all such suitable exhibits of records or things illustrative or commemorative of the anti-slavery movement and history as may be donated to the Association or accrued by purchase, bequest or other lawful means.
  • To work with the United States Department of Interior, National Park Service in implementing stated purposes and in assuring the Frederick Douglass home site, Cedar Hill, is preserved as a National Monument, available and accessible to all visitors.

The purpose and objectives of FDMHA are achieved through charitable, literary and educational activities as are proper, appropriate thereto and in accord with the requirements of Section 501 ( c ) ( 3 ) of the Internal Revenue code and the regulations promulgated thereunder, as they now exist or as they may here-after be amended.

A Board of Trustees is entrusted with the responsibility of managing the affairs of FDMHA. Click here to view bios of members of the the Board of Trustees.