3rd Violins for Douglass Program: More People Attend, Receive Awards

The Third Violins for Douglass Program took place October 23, 2016 at the University of the District of Columbia (UDC) Heritage Hall in Washington, D.C.

The event was attended by dozens of students, music lovers and members of the public. The keynote speaker was Sam Ford, an award winning journalist and reporter for ABC7/News Channel 8.

Prior to the main event, dozens of attendees participated in violin rehearsals conducted by Eboni Strings. Free violin coaching was provided by H. Kevin Gillis.

Following the coaching and rehearsals, young violinists entertained the audience with a musical presentation at the main event. Attendees were also treated to a joint musical presentation by Eboni Strings and H. Kevin Gillis.

As in previous years, FDMHA awarded need based scholarships to help further development of the musical talent/training of young violinists.

Event Highlights

Violins Petting Zoo: An opportunity for children to explore the musical instrument. This attraction remained popular with attendees, with more children participating compared to previous years.

Special Recognition and Awards: The following people and groups received special recognition:

Scholarship winners

Eboni Strings

Kevin Gillis, Conductor

The Anacostia Coordinating Council

Ottley Music School

Eboni Strings


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